Who is behind OKM?

The illuminati! 

Unfortunately, the real answer is a little less interesting. The Olympiad of Critical Thinking is organized by the Slovak Debate Association (SDA). In SDA we have been systematically developing critical thinking, openness and democratic citizenship among young people since 1999.

Our team

He debated and led a debating club in Brno, where he studied political science. He was the chief adjudicator of the Slovak Debating League and coach of the national team for the World Debating Championships. He taught argumentation and debate at Masaryk University, is a lecturer at the Academy of Critical Thinking, and before working at SDA, worked in business and marketing. We are indebted to Ondrej for coming up with the OKM concept.

He has been debating and coaching at the Gymnasium Jura Hronca high school in Bratislava since 2013. During his debating career, he won the Slovak championship and represented Slovakia at the world championship. He studied law, political science and philosophy at the University of Warwick in England. He has been employed at SDA since 2021. Richard is the founder of OKM, he created the rules and methodological framework of the competition. He currently coordinates the functioning of the whole OKM.

She debated and coached the GVARZA debate club in Žilina. In the past, she was a chief adjudicator of the Slovak Debate League. She studied law at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. Barbora’s main role is competition methodology and research.


During the last five years, she debated and coached in the Sučany and LEAF debating clubs. She is an accredited adjudicator and last year she was the coordinator of SDA tournaments in the Western Slovakia region. She is currently studying political science at Sciences Po University in France. In OKM, her main role is methodology.

He debated for the GVARZA club in Žilina. Last years, he participated as an adjudicator in the tournaments of the Slovak Debate League. He is studying a double bachelor of European and Spanish law in Maastricht and Madrid. He is currently working on the development of methodology and preparation of competition questions.


He debated at the Gymnasium Jura Hronca high school in Bratislava and is an accredited adjudicator. He studied artificial intelligence at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Subsequently, he worked as a data scientist in companies such as Slovenská sporiteľňa, Lidl and Bloomreach. He is currently working on streamlining the assessment of OKM using AI.

He is studying the International Baccalaureate program at the Jura Hronca Gymnasium in Bratislava, where he focuses on computer science, mathematics and physics. In the past, he also took care of the website of the Slovak Debating Association. Alex manages IT matters for OKM.


Operations and communication


He is currently studying at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics STU, department of applied informatics. He participated in the first two years of the OKM and advanced to the national finals. Sam’s task is mainly communication and work with OKM partners.

OKM ambassador for high schools


She is a student of the bilingual program at the Jozef Gregor Tajovský Gymnasium in Banská Bystrica. In 2023, she won the Finals of the Slovak Debate League. Her role is to raise awareness of OKM in the online space.

OKM ambassador for high schools


She studies at the Varšavská Gymnasium in Žilina, where she coaches the debate club. She has been debating for seven years and is an accredited SDA adjudicator. Her task is to promote OKM in high schools throughout Slovakia.

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